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Pines Gun Club
311 Springlake Drive
Lufkin, Texas 75901

936-897-2764 days
409-283-5949 evenings
936-824-2574 day of shoot


2006 Pines - Pecan Duo
July 8, 2006

Great day for shooting some clay pigeons.  We really appreciated all that came out today, especially the large contingent from Tyler Gun Club.  We had some new target setters today, and they really outdid themselves.  Great targets as attested by all that I talked to!  Thank you, Marc Turner, Rex Hilliard, and Wayne (Stoney) Stone.

See you all at Pecan Meadow tomorrow.  Any trophies not picked up today at Pines can be picked up at Pecan Meadows tomorrow.  Just look for Mel Wells, or ask Judy in their office.

Thanks again to all that supported us today.

All Scores      
# NSCA Shooters - 58     July 8, 2006    
Total # Shooters - 65          
    Sp. Clay Sp. Clay    
Name  Class Conc. Score Award Option $$  
Hilliard, Rex M   Targets Only(91)     Set course
Turner, Marc M   Targets Only(84)     Set course
Storey, Rick M   89 HOA(2 Punches) Lewis-50;2Man-40  
Tipton, Ray M S-Vet 87 M1;SVCH Lewis-25  
Ponder, Mike M   86 M2 Class-24  
Burroughs, Jason M   84 M3 Class-16  
Nagel, John M Vet 82      
Gray, John K. M Vet 81      
Davis Jr., Mack M Jun 80 JRCH Lewis-25  
Allen, Darrell M   78      
Kolas, Roger M   74      
Douglas,Ted AA   87 AA1(1 Punch) Class-12;Lewis-25;LStand-35  
Tullidge, Archer AA   86 AA2    
Hart, Gordon AA Vet 85      
Wisdom,Johnny AA   85 AA3 Class-8  
Petty, D. R. AA   82      
Maxey, Jim AA   79      
Ward, George L. AA Vet 78      
Stone, Wayne A   T.Only(74)     Set course
Hill, Leo A Vet 85 A1(2 Punches);VTCH    
Murphy, Larry A   81 A2 Class-30  
Hanger, Charles A   80 A3 Lewis-25;2Man-40  
McAfee, Clyde A. A   80   Class-20;Lewis-25  
Danny Vines A   79      
Edwards,Sid A S-Vet 72   Lewis-40;LScore-37.50  
Delgadillo, Pedro A Vet 69      
Thompson,Mark A   67      
Clifford, David A   1      
Robertson, Robbie B   87 RU(2 Punches) Class-42  
McDowell, Charles B   82 B1 Class-28  
Lumkins, Dwight B   80 B2 Lewis-25  
Malone, Richard B   76 B3    
Hallmark, Mike B   74      
Peterson, Rick B   70      
Chatelain, Glenn B Vet 69      
Petty, Cindy B Lady 64 LYCH    
Byrd, Don B Vet 63      
Bobo, Carroll B   62      
Bishop, Jon C   78 C1(1 Punch) Class-30  
Barclay,David C S-Vet 74 C2 Class-20  
Strange, Troy C   72 C3 Lewis-40;LScore-37.50  
Wilkey, Dusty C   70      
Moore, Jr., Harrell C   64      
Strange, Chelsea C Lady/SJ 63 SJCH    
Parker, Craig C   58      
Cowan. Cody C   57   LStand-17.50  
Smith, Joe H. Jr. D   77 D1(1 Punch) Class-18  
Maddox, Tom D   74 D2    
Childers, Ray D   62 D3    
Dromgoole, Sid D   61      
Maddox, Clay D S-Jun 60      
Fruge, B. J. D   59   Class-6  
Wright, Bill D   59   Class-6;LStand-17.50  
Cain, Aaron D   57      
Malone, Andra D Lady 52      
Jerger, Ronny E   71 E1 Class-10;Lewis-20  
Wells, Mel E S-Vet 68 E2    
Merriman, Donna E Lady 64 E3    
Lawrence, Larry H   82 H1    
Powell, Pat H   65 H2    
Perron, Shawn J. H   62 H3    
Bonner, Derek H   58      
Tipton, Robert S. H   56      
Bonner, Bubba H   47      
Marizmi, K. C. H   -